ME442 and the Honda Blackbird Engine

For grasstrack and autograss, the Honda Blackbird engine has always been an excellent option. With around 150bhp in stock trim, relatively inexpensive to source, light, and with full support from the ME442 ECU, it’s a sure winner.

This client’s auto-grass car uses the 1100cc variant. The only modifications needed being the modification of the crank trigger wheel – specifically, the removal of one of the 12 teeth. This is easy to access with just one 18mm Nut retaining it. Remove, cleanly remove a tooth of choice (we will time it up later) and refit.

The ME442 will directly run the Standard coils, injectors and sensors. A base map for this engine is now also available on our website.

Once wired as per our normal 4-cylinder wiring diagram, simply load the map, and then continue to time the engine’s trigger offset using a timing light as normal. On the crank wheel (under the cover plate) there are 2 marks. One “T” and one “F”. Be sure to time for zero degrees on the “T” mark – align this with the case marker and that’s TDC.

For this mapping, we created the basemap from scratch and then continued to tune it, setting a redline at 11,500rpm. A flat torque curve from 2500-10,500RPM was realized of just over 100 ft/lbs. A peak output power of 153bhp was also achieved. The owners comments were that the engine had never revved or idled so cleanly even on the OEM ECU compared to the ME442 – a testament to what newer technology in terms of timing and fuelling accuracy can deliver. That, and the benefits of launch control of course!