640cc Bosch EV14 MX-5 Injector Kit

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640cc Bosch EV14 MX-5 Injector Kit

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Flowforce Bosch EV14 Injectors

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Cutting Edge Bosch Technology

640cc @ 3 bar with OEM, unmodified tips provide excellent control and atomization, resulting in the best of both worlds: big power potential with the precision required for a smooth idle on small engines.

The kit includes everything needed to fit to your Mk1, Mk2 or Mk2.5 MX5:

4 x Genuine EV14 640cc Injectors
4 x Adapters
4 x Seals
4 x PNP Harness Adapters
3 x Fuel Rail Spacers (use 2 for a 1.6, 3 for a 1.8)

Pre-assembled with top hats and ARP Superlube.

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