PDM32 and PDM08 Power Distribution Modules are designed to distribute power to multiple circuits on your vehicle, easily replacing traditional fuse and relay systems. housed in an anodized billet aluminum case, they are designed to handle the rigors of motorsport and include a complete professional data logger and internal dash controller. An AiM PDM at the center of vehicle electronics will greatly simplify your wiring harness and electronics installation while providing much more control.

Power Outputs PDM32:

4 rated up to 20 A (high power)
12 rated up to 15 A (mid power)
12 rated up to 10 A (low power)
4 rated up to 35 A (Half Bridge)
Protected for: over voltage, under voltage, over current, over temperature
All outputs have internal freewheeling diode
Total max current: 100 A

PDM 32 and PDM08 offer also some interesting features, like:

ECU connection, for getting data from your ECU
Datalogging, for avoiding adding another logger to your car
GPS Module, for having automatic lap times and track positions

Dash controller, for easily managing a 6” or 10” dash
9 axis EMU platform
Mirror camera, for easily getting a back view while you drive your car in reverse in the paddock