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Mazda MX-5 Mk1/Mk2 Throttle Body Kit

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Mazda MX-5 ITB Package

Magnetti Marelli Throttle Position Sensor TPS

ITG Filter and Backplate

3m Throttle Cable

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Pico 330cc Injectors x4

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We are pleased to announce our new range of Throttle Body Systems for the Mk1/Mk2 Mazda MX5s.

Using shaft-less AT Power throttle bodies and our ME221 Engine Management System, you have all the right ingredients for some serious N/A power!

This is an ITB kit using AT Power Billet DCOE throttle bodies including air horns, linkage, fuel rail and fabricated aluminium inlet manifold. These feature the AT Power patented Shaftless technology, meaning they will flow more air than a conventional shafted DCOE setup.

The package also includes the ME221 Engine Management which comes as a plug in to the factory ECU case and connects to the existing wiring harness adaptor for the MX5.

Optional extras include new fuel injectors (Pico 330cc), ITG domed air filter, RacingLines 265LP in-tank fuel pump, as well as a throttle position sensor and intake air temperature sensor. We can also supply both RS232 & USB Tuning cables to interface with the ME221 ECU.

A base-map is included with the ECU to get the engine running, but we always recommend rolling road tuning (Motorsport Electronics have over 100 agents across the UK, and any competent rolling road can tune the ME system using the freely available tuning software).

You can also upgrade this to the ME442 ECU which offers the following advantages over the ME221 ECU, just contact us for a bundle quote:

  • On-board Bosch wideband lambda O2 controller (Sensor kit included as part of the upgrade).
  •           On-board real-time-clock and SD card data logging.
  •           Drive-by-wire support.
  •           K-type EGT input.
  •           Accelerometer and Gyroscope

For detailed drawings, please see the folder here: MX5 ITB Drawings


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