Ignition-only system with closed loop VVT control. All the features of the ME221 ECU without fuel control.

Based on the ME221, this system allows a cost effective method for running carburettor engines, with upgrade options for future progression to injection, without the need for a complete new ECU and loom! The Looms offered with this product are the same as the ME221, hence there will be spare injector plugs etc, that will not be used in typical installs.

Note this is an IGNITION ONLY ECU – It will not control fuelling/injectors. The ME100 can be updated at a later date to full ME221 Specification, allowing you to start with a carburated engine, and upgrade as the project/plans change. if you opt for a PnP Loom, the provided loom has the injector connectors, but these will be used as spare Low-Side outputs on the ME100.
With support for a range of OEM sensors and trigger patterns, as well as being versatile enough to offer flexibility where it’s needed – including often ‘expensive’ features such as Fully Sequential fuel control, Flex-Fuel, Closed Loop Boost & VVT as well as Windowed DSP Knock Control and core features such as programmable inputs, custom tune-able sensor tables and full 3D mapping, the ME221 really blurs the line between lower priced and higher featured engine management systems.
Essentially any carburated, four Cylinder engine, either turbocharged or normally aspirated can be ran with an array of Motorsport features to boot, all powered by the ME100 ECU.