ME221 Plug-in ECU Renault Clio 172/182

////ME221 Plug-in ECU Renault Clio 172/182

ME221 Plug-in ECU Renault Clio 172/182

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ME221 Engine Management System Plug & Play for Clio 172 and 182

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The new ME221 Clio PnP suits both the 172* cable throttle and 182 DBW models. It is fully plug and play with the stock harness, and supports all OEM sensor and systems, including the CAN-Bus stream for the dashboard.
Designed for fully sequential control of four cylinder engines, as well as forming an integral core to the range of ME221 based PnP ECUs, it’s a feature packed ECU, in a compact, reliable and affordable form factor.
With support for a range of OEM sensors and trigger patterns, as well as being versatile enough to offer flexibility where it’s needed – including often ‘expensive’ features such as Fully Sequential fuel control, Flex-Fuel, Closed Loop Boost & VVT as well as Windowed DSP Knock Control and core features such as programmable inputs, custom tune-able sensor tables and full 3D mapping, the ME221 really blurs the line between lower priced and higher featured engine management systems.
Essentially any port injection, four Cylinder engine, either turbocharged or normally aspirated can be ran semi or fully sequential with an array of Motorsport features to boot, all powered by the ME221 ECU.
This package includes the ME221 Clio 182 PnP System.
Note that as with all after-market engine management systems, base-maps are offered ‘as-is’, and dyno tuning is recommended to avoid damaging your engine. We have full engine dyno and rolling road facilities on site as well as an ever growing list of tuners across the UK, Europe and Worldwide – see our Tuning Partners for your nearest approved agent.
*To use this ECU on the 172 mode, you will be required to swap a few pins as detailed in Hardware Install Guide for this model.

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