This is a complete plug-n-play harness for the ME221 when running a Zetec 2.0 Blacktop (would also suit a silvertop with minor changes).

It is fully sleeved and labelled and uses factory specification connectors. Each loom is machine crimped, tension and electrically tested to guarantee trouble free performance.

The following connections are provided:

  • Ford OEM Coil Pack
  • Ford OEM Crank & TPS Sensor
  • Ford OEM Injectors and OEM Idle Valve
  • Bosch Mini Timer MAP*, Coolant and IAT sensors (Ford do not have IAT/MAP sensors as standard)
  • Power & Ground Eyelets
  • Aux Loom Wires for other features

*You do not need to connect a MAP sensor if running ITBs/NA

A typical install video is shown below – note the looms used in the video are the older, unlabelled type. Current looms are fully labelled.