ME442 Plug-In Starlet/Glanza

ME442 Plug-In Starlet/Glanza


ME442 Plug-In ECU for Toyota Starlet/Glanza

Bosch LSU 4.9 Wideband Lambda Sensor Kit

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The ME442 Starlet  Plug-In is the latest premier Engine Management System for the EP82 1990-1995 & the later EP91 “Glanza”.

Along with the standard ME221 feature set, the ME442 version adds the following features:

  • On-board Bosch Wideband Lambda O2 Controller (Just add one of our Wideband sensor kits to give highly accurate closed loop fuelling.)
  • On-board Real-Time-Clock and SD Card Data Logging
  • Drive-by-Wire Support
  • K-Type EGT Input
  • Accelerometer and Gyroscope
  • CAN Bus for external dashboards and expand-ability

The core has as standard:

New for 2019 – the Gen2 Model adds direct USB Connectivity and even more I/O!

  • Uses the ME221 ECU Core (NXP Automotive Processing Power)
  • Supports all factory sensors.
  • Truly Plug-n-Play
  • 16×16 Floating Point Fuel and Ignition & Boost Tables (with dual table switching)
  • VE based fuelling algorithm.
  • Run any type of high impedance injectors.
  • Lots of Spare-IO for extra sensors, Coil-On-Plug Upgrades as well as multiple spare outputs!
  • DSP Knock Control
  • Uses the OEM stock 2 Bar MAP Sensor (which is easily upgrade-able)
  • Closed Loop Boost Control, Protection and Boost by Gear.
  • Launch Control and ALS.
  • Fully Sequential Injection and Ignition available.
  • In the field regular firmware updates and improvements.
  • Uses the powerful, free, MEITE tuning studio.
  • An open approach to firmware/software features.
  • Supplied with rolling road certified and developed basemaps for either turbo or NA setups.
Package contents:
  • ME221 Plug-In Core Board
  • USB Communications Cable
  • Stickers

See the manuals, and grab the tuning software here.

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Dimensions 400 × 150 × 70 cm

EP82, EP91