Nodiz Gen-X with Vauxhall Loom

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Nodiz Gen-X with Vauxhall Loom

£330.00 (£275.00 ex VAT)

NODIZ GEN-X with Vauxhall Plug-In Loom


Introductory Pricing of £330inc!

The NODIZ GEN-X is a complete update of our popular NODIZ Ignition System.

Moving to the ME100 core means even higher accuracy, as well as now using the full featured MEITE tuning software.

Its a solid state, fully waterproof, easy to mount ignition system for modern four-cylinder engines. Supporting an array of trigger patterns and coils packs.

Also now the control ECU as used by the BRISCA F2 Oval Racing championship!

This is the Vauxhall variant – meaning it has a VX Four Pin Coil Pack connector and 3 Pin crank sensor connector all ready to go on the fully terminated harness. It also includes a pre-loaded basemap to you get you up and running within minutes. Simply wire up power and ground connections, plug in the crank sensor and coil pack, and fire it up!

The inbuilt diagnostics LED lets you know if you have a crank sensor or coil pack issue – no need for a laptop for the basics making diagnostics easy – but plug in a laptop and download the free MEITE tuning software for a powerful engine management experience with full tuning options.

The unit features three spare outputs for shift lights, cooling fans, fuel pumps etc, all software configurable.

Add a throttle sensor or MAP sensor to allow full 3D tuning based on load as well as engine speed.

Whats in the Box?
-NODIZ GEN-X System, Pre Mapped
-Terminated Vauxhall Loom for 4 Pin Coil pack and 3 pin Crank Sensor
-Spare pins for other functions