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NODIZ Pro Peugeot 205 Kit

£350.00 (£291.67 ex VAT)

NODIZ Pro Ignition System for Peugeots

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This is a complete kit suitable for a Peugeot, distributor based engine such as the classic 205. It assumes carburettors are taking care of the fuelling as this is an ignition only package. This bundle saves you over £30 on buying everything individually!

The kit includes:

  • NODIZ Pro with Un-terminated Wiring Loom
  • 36-1 Universal Trigger Wheel (to be mounted to your engines front pulley)
  • VR Crank Sensor & Connector
  • Wasted Spark Coil Pack & Connector

This is everything you need except HT leads (you can sometimes reuse the stock ones, or source new ones) to give digital, tune-able, distributor-less ignition control.

You will need to fit the trigger wheel and make a suitable crank sensor bracket. Gains are usually impressive compared to the stock distributor (which can be removed). A full article detailing the results on a 205 with bike-carb conversion is detailed here, and further details of the NODIZ Pro are given below:

The innovative Nodiz Pro Electronic Ignition System. Fully 3D ignition advance control, out-of-the-box support for most engines, wireless tuning, free Android dashboard application. Ideal for use alongside bike carbs or the more traditional carburettor set-ups. 

Main Features:

  • 3D Stand-alone electronic ignition system.
  • 16 Load by 16 Speed Sites, with full 3D interpolation and user definable Speeds/Loads.
  • Wireless tuning through Bluetooth™ (USB dongle optional).
  • Tuning by a Serial Port Connection (Gen2)
  • Free Virtual Dashboard Android app –  (video demo from one of our dealers)
  • Support for any Megajolt map through our Megajolt MAP Import feature.
  • Supports 36-1 and 60-2 Trigger Patterns
  • A wide range of basemaps
  • In-built coil drivers, no need for EDIS or other modules.
  • Launch control, Shift Light Output and V-TEC Output
  • One year RTB Warranty.

Feedback from the web:

Other Features include:

  • User settable RPM Soft and Hard Cut Rev Limiters.
  • Cranking based advance angle to help start high compression engines. (Using lower speed sections of the map)
  • A programmable Shift Light output.
  • Android app to allow a free digital dashboard
  • 12v Tachometer Output.
  • A programmable output based on either RPM (i.e. V-TEC control), coolant temperature (i.e. Fan Control) or Intake temperature (i.e. Water Injection control).
The NODIZ Pro™ is a state of the art microprocessor controlled digital stand-alone, fully mappable ignition controller for 4, 6 or 8 cylinder spark ignition engines. It can be used either to replace older distributor based ignition systems for more modern coil packs, or even to allow the running of carburetors on more modern engines which do not feature a distributor drive.
Out of the box support for 36-1 (as used on Ford engines such as CVH/Zetecs/Duratecs) and 60-2 trigger patterns (Vauxhall, Peugeot, Renault, Citroen, VW and BMW) means that you won’t need to fit an additional trigger wheel and you’ll have the engine running faster and easier compared to other programmable ignition systems such as Megajolt.  Whether you are using a Ford Zetec, through to a Vauxhall C20XE, Peugeot TU or Renault F4R, everything works better with a Nodiz!
What’s in the box?
  • 1.5M Unterminated Wiring Loom
  • RS232 Extension Cable
  • 36-1 Trigger Wheel
  • VR Crank Sensor & Connector
  • Ford Coil Pack & Connector

For software and manuals please see our Support Section.

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