NODIZ Ignition Only ECU

Powerful 3D Digital Ignition Control
affordable | accurate | reliable

The NODIZ Pro is a compact and powerful ignition-only ECU for four and eight cylinder engines. Suited to classics and modern carburetor converted engines, the NODIZ Pro does just what it says on the box – No Distributor. Digitally fired coils with the full tuneability of a 3D map.

from £269inc (including wiring loom)

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  • 16×16 3D Ignition Table
  • Direct Coil Drive, Wasted Spark Ignition
  • 36-1 or 60-2 Trigger Wheel Support
  • Throttle or MAP for load
  • Direct Serial Connectivity
  • Hard Cut/Soft Cut Limiters
  • Auxiliary & Shift Light Output
  • Tachometer Output
  • Calibrate your offset via Push Buttons
  • Basemaps Preloaded
  • Launch Control

3D Ignition Table

The NODIZ Pro supports both 2D and 3D Ignition Modes – that is, you can either program ignition advance based purely on engine speed, or, add throttle position or manifold pressure to give an extra dimension of control.

A full 16×16 table means you can optimise the timing across the full rev-range and load. No more compromises as found when using a classic distributor.

36-1/60-2 Triggers

We opted to cater for the two most popular OEM trigger patterns on the market. 36-1 suits Fords range of engines (Zetec, Duratec etc), as well as most aftermarket trigger wheel kits, while 60-2 is the OEM pattern used on engines such as the Vauxhall C20XE ‘redtop’, BMW’s, and Peugeot’s and Citroen offerings.

Inbuilt Coil Drivers

The NODIZ Pro houses its own coil-drivers. This means direct use of either a Ford or Vauxhall/Bosch type coil pack. No need for external igniters or EDIS modules. A simple point-to-point wire.

Preloaded Maps

Our NODIZ Pros leave the factory with a conservative yet effective ignition table which means that for 90% of applications, no tuning will ever be required – however – if you really want the best, head to one of our approved agents for a rolling road session to really optimise the timing.

Tachometer Output

The NODIZ Pro offers a 12V tachometer signal which is suitable for most tachometers. This signal can also be fed to dataloggers as it is a true even-duty signal.

Launch Control

Get perfect launches time and time again with help of the NODIZ Pro’s in-built launch control feature. Simply install a clutch switch and the NODIZ will allow you to set a launch limiter so the throttle can be held wide open on the start line and between shifts while hitting the user defined launch RPM.

Hard / Soft Limiters

User configurable hard and soft cut limiters give fail-safe protection for your engine. Soft cut works by retarding the ignition timing to slow the engines ramp, while hard cut will stop firing the plugs over a certain RPM.

Plug-n-Play Wiring Looms

The NODIZ Pro also has the option of Plug-n-Play wiring looms. Applications such as the Ford Zetec/ST170 and the Vauxhall C20XE are covered – as well as a univseral ‘unterminated’ loom.

Sixty Second Install

With our fully terminated looms, and the simplicity of the base maps being pre-loaded, the NODIZ Pro means you can ditch EDIS modules, ESC units or other locked ignition systems and get both a decent hike in torque and more features like raised rev-limiters, shift light outputs and of course, easy adjustment of the ignition curve. Off the shelf looms include the Ford Zetec/Duratec range and also a general purpose Vauxhall/VW/Peugeot loom to use the standard sensors and coil. Complete Plug-n-Play kits are just £299inc – the most affordable, feature rich setup out there…

Easy Install

Use the NODIZ Pros push-buttons to accurately dial in your offset if using an aftermarket trigger wheel, or even to calibrate your throttle sensor – no need to get the laptop out to get you running – in fact most of the NODIZ Pros out there have never even seen a laptop!

Shift Light

The NODIZ Pro features a shift-light output that can be used to run a 12V LED shift light, with user definable on/off RPM. Perfect for maintaining accurate shifts through the gears.

Aux. Output

As well as the shift light, there is also a spare Auxiliary output (that switches to ground) which can be triggered at either RPM, LOAD or Inlet/Coolant temperature – user settable on/off with hysteresis means it is often used for things like water injection, coolant fan, or V-TEC control

Rugged & Reliable

Proving very popular in the Oval Racing Scene – the NODIZ Pro delivers a compact solution to getting the most out of carburetor’d Zetecs, C20XE Redtops, Pintos and Duratecs. Get the advantage over EDIS, ECS and locked factory ECUs, with reliability and a simple install process to boot…

Really that easy?

A youtuber, Driving4Answers, who is carrying out an ignition upgrade on their MR2 has done a great unboxing and walk through of our “Zetec” Plug-n-Play NODIZ system – check out his video to answer some questions you might have, to confirm that yes, it really is that simple to go distributor-less!

A Full Step-by-Step

Driving4Answers, has created a great 20 minute video on the full step by step install and setup of the NODIZ Pro Gen2 on a 4AGE Engine – a great guide if you’re upgrading a distributor based engine, fitting carbs and a trigger wheel. Worth a watch!

What NODIZ Pro users have to say…

hi all broght nodiz for our vauxhall ecotec race car I did have problems but I mange too trace it too bran new crank sensor faulty so trip back too motorfactors for replacement and up and running and have say it revs so crips compared to std ecu and remaping seam easy to use so over the moon we thank you very mutch

shortovalfun, ME Forums

It has taken a while, but at last some track time.

The MGCC Heritage 4 Hour Race at Snetterton.

I had previously trial fitted the Nodiz but not road tested or been on the rollers.
The fit for the race was not exactly the best. Wrapped in garage blue roll and gaffer taped to the bulkhead.

3 cars and drivers, 4 hours of racing. Nodiz was going to be tested.
It got tested harder than planned, we lost a car in the first 4 minutes.

That left me with an untried Nodiz and Ian in a Fisher fury with both a new Nodiz and a VVT controller.

It is safe to say that the kit performed well and does what it says on the tin.
It works strait out of the box.

at some point over the winter I will visit for a session on the rollers and do some fine tuning.


Jack, ME Forums

ok here goes bit of background,
i’ve had the car four years and have been rebuilding it and fitting the vauxhall c20xe or redtop into my classic mini

i fitted the zx9r bike carbs and the nodiz on saturday and sure enough it went on the first turn of the key!! its only in 2d mode at the moment but hope to have the tps wired up this weekend so i can start playing around with the maps

XEmini, ME Forums

Just to let people know, I have been using nodiz all season on a variety of engines in banger racing, not only has it been faultless during all the impacts but cars are noticeably faster and make good numbers on the rollers (tuner was happy with the simple tuning as well).
I have simply mounted it in a plastic electrical box with foam in so should be good for rough use in any sort of racing/rally.
Primarily used on zetec and i4 but so impressed going to try it on other makes over the winter

RocketRon, ME Forums
I picked up a Nodiz with terminated loom, coil pack, and Cosworth MAP sensor from Motorsport Electronics – Taking advantage of an awesome discount offer on Locostbuilders along with a beefy set of leads from a guy that makes them to order on eBay.
This weekend I got all of this stuff fitted along with the chester sports cars map (loaded via bluetooth) – available on the Motorsport Electronics website, The car started 1st time and WOW.
The engine now pulls like crazy – and I flipping love it, and It feels so good that I got there in the end.
Fossett, WSCC Forums

Easy to tune…

The NODIZ Pro uses its own ‘EZ-Tune’ software which runs on Windows XP and above, to offer a simple method of adjusting the ignition table and other user settings.

Grab the software from the Software & Manuals page.

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  • In-built Coil Drivers for direct use of Bosch/Ford coil packs (4 or 8 Cylinder engines)
  • VR/Hall/Opto Trigger input for 36-1/60-2 Trigger wheels
  • 5-28V Input
  • Throttle/MAP, Coolant and Inlet-Air Temp Sensor Inputs
  • Shift Light Output & Auxiliary Output for V-Tec/Cooling Fan etc
  • Launch Control Trigger Input
  • 12V Tachometer Output
  • RS232 Laptop Communication for real-time tuning (Gen2)
  • 16×16 3D Ignition table using MAP or TPS for Load
  • Support 4 or 8 Cylinder Engines
  • 36-1  (Ford) or 60-2 (Vauxhall, VW, Peugeot, BMW etc) Triggering
  • Easily configure the base-offset angle and throttle calibration using the push-buttons
  • Soft-Cut and Hard-Cut Rev Limiters
  • User settable Shift Light Output & Auxiliary Output for V-Tec/Cooling Fan etc
  • User settable Launch Control
  • RS232 Laptop Communication for real-time tuning (Gen2) using free Easy-Tune software