ME221 Plug-In ECUs
Factory Fit, ME221 Control
feature rich | accurate | reliable

The ME221 Plug-In ECU range offers all the features of the ME221 platform with the convenience of using the factory harness and sensors to give a quick install time on a range of vehicles, while still allowing upgrades such as MAF-less fuel control, turbocharging or throttle body installs to be carried out.

If you require advanced features such as in-built Wideband control, EGT, Logging & CAN-Bus, then check out the ME442 Plug-In.

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  • VE Based fuelling algorithm (MAF-less)
  • Supports all OEM Sensors/Dash/AC etc
  • Boost Control
  • OEM Idle Control
  • High Accuracy
  • COP Support
  • USB Connectivity
  • Switchable Maps
  • VVT & DSP Knock Control
  • Configurable IO with Auxillary Inputs/Outputs
  • Advanced Motorsport Features
  • Powerful Tuning Suite


  • Powerful 180MHz RISC processor
  • Installs into the OEM Casing
  • 60psi On-Board MAP Sensor
  • Direct Fit to OEM Harness
  • Fault Diagnostics
  • Extra I/O

VE Based Fuelling

Accurate, modern VE based modelling of the engine means faster to tune, and more accurate compensations for environmental changes as opposed to older pulse-width based management systems. Microsecond accuracy with fuel and ignition calculations carried out over 500 times a second means unparalleled transient response and consistent results.

In-Built MAP Sensor

Most of our ME221 ECUs house an internal 60psi MAP sensor (3 Bar of Boost). Simply connect this up to your inlet manifold with the included vacuum line, and your Air Flow Meter/MAF can be removed.

Factory Connectivity

Because our Plug-In systems are designed on OEM cars, they offer true PnP install, utilising many of the factory sensors. They also retain OEM control of things like the factory dashboard, smart alternator control, VVT, Idle Air Control, Air-Conditioning and other functionality.

VVT Control

All models of the ME221 Plug-In range comes equipped with full closed loop VVT control. This can be VERY useful if you plan to retrofit a VVT engine into a non-VVT loomed chassis, as you can simply use a spare output to drive the VVT solenoid.

Install Video Guides

Powered by ME221

Because all of our Plug-In range share the same core, it means the full feature set is available regardless of the model you choose – and this also means better familiarity with the system for tuners and installers.

Knock Protection

The ME221’s advanced knock control offers true DSP processed measurement of knock, with per-cylinder angular windowing to locate, and act upon signs of knock, ensuring engine safety and longevity. Fuel enrichment, ignition retard and user definable aggressiveness give maximum control.


Having rolling road facilities in-house means we are able to offer ME Certified basemaps for an array of different configurations. This means along with a straightforward physical install, you can be up and running in minutes – ready to shake the car down prior to professional tuning on a rolling road.

1st Class Support

It might be simple to install, and even easy to tune, but that doesn’t mean that help isn’t on hand when you need it. With a network of approved tuning shops across the UK & beyond, UK telephone support and an ever growing online community means you will never be left in the dark. The ME experience is more than just a box of electronics…

Motorsport Aux Connector

The MAC connection allows you to expand beyond the factory connector – adding two more hi current, PWM-able low side drivers, three extra digital inputs and one spare analogue input. Allowing you to enable launch control, anti lag, or directly control boost or nitrous valves.

Boost Control

Fully featured closed and open loop boost control means accurate manifold pressures and turbo waste-gate management – several dimensions of control including throttle, rpm and even gear based boost targets. Quicker spooling and stable boost means optimised torque can be delivered under all conditions.

Motorsport Features

Switchable maps, Launch Control, 2-Step Limiters, Water Injection, Flex Fuel & Anti-Lag are just a few of the advanced features of the ME221 core – all included, all unlocked. And with more features added over time via free, in-field firmware updates, the list is ever growing…

Custom Functions

With general purpose tables and custom variables, you can combine inputs and effectors to create practically any bespoke function you may require, all from within the MEITE tuning software.

Currently Supported Models

  • Mazda MX-5 1989-2005

  • Toyota Starlet EP82 & EP91

  • Honda S2000 AP1 2000-2005

  • Mitsubishi EVO 4-8

  • Renault Clio 182 (w/DBW)

  • Nissan Skyline R32/R33/R34

  • Mazda RX-7 FD

Powerful Tuning Software

The Motorsport Electronics Integrated Tuning Environment, or MEITE, for short, is a powerful, flexible Windows tuning interface for working with our range of ECUs. Fully customizable layouts and interface, allowing the novice to play with just the basics (starting from one of our many base-maps), or the advanced tuner to really get under the hood, the options are there…

Worldwide Tuner Network

We have over 100 authorised tuners across the planet, and the list is constantly growing – meaning you’re never far away from a tuning professional who has experience of the ME221 and will therefor get the best from your engine. That being said, any competent rolling road tuner will be able to use the MEITE software to tune the VE and ignition tables, and we are always on hand for further support if required on the day. Want to know where to find them? See the map here.

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  • Advanced VE Fuel Model
  • Sequential Fuel & Ignition
  • Digital Crank/Cam Triggers, Array of OEM Patterns Supported
  • Real-Time Switchable Fuel, Ignition & Boost Maps
  • Individual Cylinder Trims
  • Re-mappable Inputs/Outputs
  • 16×16 Floating Point Fuel, Ignition, AFR, VVT, Boost Tables etc
  • Multi-Dimensional Trims (IAT, CLT, VSS, DeltaError)
  • Closed Loop/Open Loop Boost, Idle, VVT, Lambda
  • Closed Loop VVT & simple V-Tec cam control
  • Water-meth injection Control
  • Flex-Fuel Support
  • DSP Windowed Per-Cylinder Knock Control
  • Motorsport Features such as Anti-Lag, Launch Control
  • 6x General Purpose Tables (Create any function you can think of!)
  • Long Term Trim and Auto-Tune
  • 120MHZ 32-bit RISC Processor
  • 5-28V Input
  • Plug-In Systems supports all OEM sensors and features such as AC, Dashboard etc
  • In-built 21psi MAP sensor where no factory MAP is available
  • CAN-Bus on selected versions
  • Factory Connector, factory casing Re-used where possible for an OEM install
  • Auxiliary Connector Adds:
    • 3x Spare Digital Inputs
    • 1x Spare Analogue Input
    • 2x Spare Low-Side Drivers
  • Other OEM outputs/inputs such as Purge Valve can be re-purposed as “Boost Control” if required.
  • Sequential COP support can be added easily using the Auxiliary connections
  • RS232 Laptop Communication for real-time tuning (USB on some models)

All Plug-In systems have an array of basemaps to help with start-up and engine pre-mapping testing.

Fuelling Control

  • Configurable Load/RPM BINS 16×16, 32 bit floating point Tables
  • Multiple Fuel Tables
  • Injection Angle
  • Priming Pulse Settings and Crank Pulse Settings
  • Cranking Enrichment
  • After-Start Enrichment and ASE Time Decay
  • Warm-Up Enrichment
  • Acceleration Enrichement TPS/MAP based with Coolant Modifier
  • IAT Correction Table
  • Idle Trims
  • 16×16 AFR Target Table factored into VE Equation
  • Speed-Density/Alpha-N with optional Blending
  • Injector Voltage Offset Table
  • Overrun Fuel Cut
  • Closed Loop Wideband/Narrowband Lambda control
  • Flex-Fuel secondary tables

Ignition Control

  • 16×16 32bit Table
  • Closed Loop DSP Windowed Knock Control On-board
  • Battery Voltage Dwell Correction 16×16 Table
  • Individual Cylinder Trimming
  • IAT and Coolant Trim
  • Spark-Scatter Ignition Idle Control
  • Flex-Fuel Control
  • Switchable Ignition Tables

Crank/Cam Triggering

  • VR/Hall/Opto Inputs as required
  • Auto-scaling, Parametric Noise Rejection
  • Range of OEM Patterns Supported

Idle Control

  • PWM based Closed/Open/Manual Diagnostic Modes
  • Cranking/Return to idle Settings reference Open-Loop table for wide-control
  • DBW Idle Control *where DBW is used
  • AC/Fan Auto-Idle Up Settings
  • PID Based for Accuracy
  • Fuel Modifiers
  • Ignition Spark Scatter
  • Jacked-Throttle Miss-Bang Idle Mode (Group-N ALS)

Knock Control

  • DSP Angular Windowed Knock Control
  • Settable Gains, Offset and Window Duration
  • Step Retard and Fail-Safe

Boost Control

  • Closed/Open Loop Boost Control by 16×16 RPM and Throttle table
  • Boost-by-Gear
  • Switchable Boost Tables
  • Over-Boost Protection
  • Pre-Start Duties
  • Anti-Lag Group-N

Variable Valve Timing

  • Fully Closed Loop PWM (Throttle X RPM table)
  • Locked Angle or Locked Duty testing modes
  • Basic On/Off Mode (Honda V-Tec)
  • Supported patterns include MX5 2001-2005 and Ford ST170, Ford Puma 1.7
  • PID Tuning with Oil Temperature triggering & safeties
  • Programmable Rest State & Offset compensation

General Purpose Tables

  • 6x General Purpose Tables
  • Custom Variables and Outputs
  • Modify Fuel, Ignition, Boost and Idle strategies from the GPTs
  • 3D and 2D tables with ability to “chain” tables together for create complex functions


  • Industry Preferred RS232 for ECU mapping/communication (USB Adaptor available)
  • CAN-Bus on some models
  • USB on some models

Drive-by-Wire (some models as required)

  • Closed loop, dual redundant DBW
  • DBW Idle Control functions
  • Software and Hardware fail-safes

Processing Power

  • 120Mhz 32-bit RISC Processor
  • Ignition Accuracy to 0.01 degrees, Fuelling to 0.001mS
  • 32-bit maths and tables (Table entries can have 8 decimal places for very high resolution)
  • ADCs/Analogue data reported to 16-bit accuracy
  • 20,000+ RPM

Analogue Inputs

  • Configurable “HRT”‘s for every analogue channel – use any sensor. Basemaps pre-set for factory sensors.
  • Wide-band O2 from external controller (0-5v)
  • TPS, IAT, CLT, MAP, Lambda standard inputs
  • Spare/unused analogue lines can be used for general purpose tables
  • 21psi On-board MAP sensor for most versions – MAF removal made easy

Environmental & Physical

  • Automotive -20 – 85*C
  • Voltage 5.5-28V
  • Operating Current Approx 120mA @ 13v
  • Electrically isolated and protected inputs/outputs
  • Connector is identical to OEM
  • OEM casing used for a factory install where possible

Tuning Software (MEITE)

  • Everything real-time adjustable
  • Diagnostics and analysis functionality
  • Custom layouts, tabs and functions
  • In-built firmware update tool for ease-of-use
  • Custom “part calibration” import – use settings from other maps in a current map
  • Offline Editing of calibrations
  • Real-time tracing
  • Data-logging of all variables and Auto-Tune