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ME442 Plug-In ECUs

Factory Fit, ME442 Control
feature rich | quick-install | powerful

The ME442 Plug-In ECU range offers all the features of our premium motorsport platform with the convenience of using the factory harness and sensors to give a quick install time on a range of vehicles, while still allowing upgrades such as MAF-less fuel control (using the in-built 4-BAR MAP Sensor), turbocharging or throttle body installs to be carried out.

Building on the ME221’s feature set, the ME442 version brings with it in-built Bosch 4.2/4.9 Wide-band Control, SD Card Data-logging, Drive-by-Wire, Direct K-Type EGT Input, CAN-bus communications, 6-Axis Accelerometer & Gyroscope as well as host of spare I/O and General Purpose custom tables.