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Custom Controller Development

Custom Controller Development

It was once said that power is nothing without control, and now with modern advances in materials, fueling methods, sticter emmision regulations, and revolutionary mechanical engineering, theese new engine designs need more and more complex, and faster responding control systems...

From the outset Motorsport Electronics Limited has been involved with bespoke engine management design and control algorithms. With over 20 years’ experience of real-time embedded systems control and hardware design, coupled with the latest in product innovation, we have delivered an array of systems. From our own products that we now retail and support both directly and through our network of approved agents, to NDA development in areas of LPG fumigation, prototype engine controllers, diesel and stratified ignition systems. Our core library of solutions that has been built up over the years means we can deliver a robust, complex control system from concept through to manufacture to the very latest standards, on time, and on budget.

The following page details the general process we undertake when developing a control system for a new, or revolutionary engine design.

Specifications Capture & Analysis

"Many a project has fallen foul through bad planning, or forgetting the bigger picture."

The first stage in any development cycle is to accurately capture the requirements from the client, such that the end result is met as efficiently as possible.  We aim to avoid the pitfalls that can be stumbled upon by bad planning, or deviating too from the objectives, or simply over complicating things.

Rest assured that all development discussions are carried out in strict confidence, and NDAs before this stage are usually exchanged.

Initially, we often consider the following main areas of the requirements:

  • Control Strategies
  • Domains of Control
  • System Connectivity Requirements
The Domains of Control specify to us as developers what the end user (usually the engine designer, with consultation from the intended engine calibrator) would like to be able to ultimately control during trials of the engine. For example, it may be a requirement that injection angle should be allowed to vary between 39* and 71* ADTC, or that cylinder temperature should alter the ignition charge by a maximum of 20KV, etc.

Control Strategy Development

Firstly, the control strategy needs to be determined, which is a case of understanding the proposed operation of the system, what its targets are, for example maxmimum torque using the leanest fuel mixture possible, and what the control system will be to able moderate. Models can be drawn from this using powerful tools such as SimuLink and our own MEITE development suite.

Electronics & Firmware Development

Physical connectivity to the system needs to be considered, (for example, are we using GDI, or will normal High Impedance Injector suffice for fuel delivery, or in GenSet development, so we need field measurement and so forth) and a suitable controller from our range, or a bespoke controller PCB, must be engineered.

After successful capture of the specification, the Firmware and Hardware for the project enters into development. We will usually try and use as much of our library of modules as possible as this results in faster development, and known results. Custom firmware will be fully modelled and formally specified and presented to the client before commiting development time, to keep things on target, and within budget.


PCB design


We use the latest CAD packages for electronics design and simulation and follow an opitmised design strategy to deliver excellent results in the shortest time possible.


Past Projects

Although most of work is covered in NDA, some clients have allowed us to disclose that we have carried out works on:

  • Diesel LPG Fumigation Control with GUI Interface (Developmental prototypes through to production prototyping).
  • Custom Engine Design utilising HSSI.
  • Custom 15cyl 20KW Genset controller using new type of fuel with auto line control and regulation.
  • Embeded Core Control Module for Japanese Tuning Market
  • High Speed Turbine Controller

Please get in touch if you feel you can put our expertise to use in realising the goals of your next innnovation!