Looking to get your hands on the feature set of the 442 (such as in-built wide-band, logging, CAN-bus and EGT) but already own a 221?

Some great news: For a limited time we are offering 50% discount off a 442 Plug-In when you trade in your 221 Plug-In!

Get in touch with us via support tickets if you would like to take us up on this great deal!

Terms and conditions apply:

You are able to upgrade in the following circumstances:
– ​You own a Gen1 (Black PCB) ME221 and wish to upgrade to a Gen2 ME221 (White PCB) ECU
​- You own a Gen1 (Black PCB) ME221 or a Gen2 (White PCB) ME221 ECU and wish to upgrade to an ME442 ECU.
​- You are the original purchaser of the ECU and can provide proof of purchase.
​- Offer excludes wire-in/universal ECUs.

​ The new ECU will be of the same model as the returned one. e.g If you trade-in a 2-plug, 89-95 Gen1 ME221, you will only be able to receive a discount on the upgrade to a 89-95 ME221(Gen2) or ME442 89-95, not another model such as the ME442 01-05.